Know the feeling of tiredness? slugishness? apathy & reluctance to take action ???

*Studies show that physical inactivity is as bad for ones health as smoking.
*insufficient activity attributes to premature mortality.
*will cause body pains and aches.
*is one of the causes of coronary heart disease & diabetes.
*is one of the causes of depression.
*is one of the causes of obesity.
With an overall feeling that mind body and soul are not in sinc, and that we are not in charge of our own lives..

So what is the solution???
Simple ,yet not easy for start.
become more active.
No matter what age you are,there are endless classes,workshops& courses,training sessions,gym workout routines, private lessons,trainers who will offer home sessions, TV series on health channels,video and YouTube practices, from marshal arts to kickboxing, yoga & Tai chi to stretching positions and floor workouts…walking,hiking, boot camp weekends,running,spinning,swimming, weightlifting,tennis, basketball,football..
whatever you choose
as long as you move.


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