Our Fetish to ‘Kong Fu’ all started

Remembering our fascination as young teenager girls watching these home video cassette repeatedly.
The movies of the iconic Marshal Arts Master Bruce Lee .

The scenes of river markets, 
pagoda like tiled roofs ,
wooden houses with papered walls,
Where in the still of the night moving like thieves,
strange men, (the bad guys) 
all camouflaged in black ,from head to toe, with masked faces,
like ghostly shadows 
they appear and disappear.

using sharp & curved weapons,that seem like flying saucers,
they attack and kill the poor victim.
Bruce Lee (the good guy) is then forced to take a journey in search of the killers, 
and bring back the honor ,
by paying revenge on behalf 
of the assassinated innocent 
victim and the family.

For us it was our first encounter with Eastern culture and cinematography.

To commemorate and honor
in memory of you Bruce Lee.

A true legend and pioneer.
Our first hero.

A count down of 10 best 
Bruce Lee movies;


Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments


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