Valentine’s day

Some men’s take 
on Valentine’s day 
is of commercial
profit & gain.

Some men say 
let’s join the clan,
and be sane. 
for arriving home without 
a trace of Valentine’s Day 
be it a valentine card, chocolates 
or the least a bunch of roses,
will end up in the risk of
upsetting the queen of hearts 
For she’ll then cry out & shout;
“off with his head”..

I was that queen of heart once.
And to be quite honest men,
I know there are still many women out there that hurt by the mere thought of their partner ignoring valentine’s day.

By one’s Ignoring valentine’s day 
could only mean , this guy is over rational ,cold hearted 
with not an ounce of romance 
or charm.
for the lover they crave, 
is of surprise and spontaneity,
They so wish for the man they 
love to offer his lead and 
For them to follow his footsteps 
in the dance of life .

If you had to choose,
would you have chosen 
your partner to be doomed to be boring calculated repetitive routine kind of girl?

Be her fantasy and she’ll fulfill yours.
She will surprise you, 
as a woman this I know.

And for me is the time 
to take off that crown
and say to the men I love..
“ be you”
As I choose to become 
“more of me”.
For I know that an authentic king needs no fancy garments 
nor fancy jewels.

If these gestures of love are part of your creative expression , roses are charming.
Receiving a bundle of red roses 
excite me, so does a box of great chocolate Bon Bon all wrapped in 
silk tissue and ribboned bows ,
not to mention an intimate 
note saying something like 
‘I love you’, ‘or be mine for now’…

sent,written or bought
let it be authentic.


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