Healing or terrifying????

Healing or terrifying????


We’ve came by this article
in Vogue on “60 minuets 
in Sensory deprivation tank”.

Many experience different states of consciousness in meditations,and other spiritual practices..

I have been on this road of self exploration for twenty years now, 
but have not tried this treatment.
yet people who tried it find the
“light & sound free float lab”an experience of 
stress free
sense of happiness
and insights like never before.

Kinda ego death,or as one of the 
labs owners suggested in an 
interview ‘takes you places that 
you’ve never been’.

It’s definitely an interesting concept,
of pure nothingness,inviting its 
guest for self reflection, introspection and meditation,
if not despaired by being left alone without a sound,nor light,floating in a closed tank for an hour with only the sound of their own breath,heartbeat and mind… 
Have you tried it before? Would you try it?

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