White or Red??

Exhilarating is a date with 
an authentic gentlemen,
that will ask for my preference and take the lead by ordering accordingly.
Sounds silly, yet profound.

Small kind gestures or fine mannerisms are quite rare 
to come by.
(I wonder if the word manliness 
has some connotation to mannerism).

Maybe its our lifestyle that has brought this kind of behavioral pattern.
A pattern of the rush& impatience.

Rushing in the supermarket, 
passing in between lanes 
while driving, without a care 
for the fellow driver, parking in restricted zones while other cars 
can’t pass through,
pushing into elevators,
or any cues for that matter 
without a care for the other.

No wonder when it comes to dating the same follows.
It’s as if we’re living as ghosts in the world of others, we become unseen
in the world of the other “I”.
The sense of alienation and separateness becomes the core experience.
So I urge you please, 
next time you’re on the road 
Mind the other, or when you’re 
about to enter the elevator
allow women with baby trolly to go 
in first,
or at least let the people 
in the elevator to exit 
before pushing in.

and when it comes to your date, 
look her in the eyes, 
let her feel she’s been noticed, 
after all you have probably 
asked her to go out with you.
Would she care for a white or red wine, water or anything else, before you’ve ordered for yourself,
call up for the waiter 
and order for you both.

It seems trivial to some, but believe 
me if you’re on the dating scene, 
it’s a rare experience to come by.
This is fine mannerism and a
gentlemen behavior.

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