Checked to Stripes..

Digital futuristic to country
and street style all goes.

Winter and Spring seasons are all about geometric games of mix and match with patterns.

If your look is more conservative,
find an item such as a buttoned
up striped or checked shirt,
a pair of socks to just peep out
on the hem line of a pair
of trousers or denim
you’ll be wearing,
get a geometric knitted jersey
or scarf,or just go for the tie.
if you are the bold type and
are comfortable with this look,
go all the way,
from head to toe.
Suit,vest,shirt and socks.

On our next post we will add few options of mix and match with some links of where to get the items that’ll take your fancy.
be cool and work your stripes,
shy not for checks.

Checkout Zara men for striped & checked shirts and suits…

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